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Telecoms Infrastructure

We provide a reliable Infrastructure support  and maintenance service for Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria and Africa. We have a competent team and a network of trusted Partners around the world.

Network Design & Planning

VesselNet has been a major partner and provider of network engineering services including radio network frequency planning, site surveys and selection, transmission for Network Planning and design covering microwave line of sight Link Engineering.

Network Rollout

Our teams of experts routinely carry out drive test, network running and optimization with network Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Spectrum Analysis and Bench marking as critical touch points.

Installation & Commission

At VesselNet, our professionals are experts in the installation and commissioning of GSM, 3G & LTE BTS, microwave transmission radios, multiplexers, BSC/MSC and fiber Network implementation including the civil works and cable splicing.

Site Acquisition

Our experience and Goodwill among customers and industry top players has made us your preferred  solution place for all your required build-permit approvals, technical site surveys, soil test reports and site layout/ drawings.


Civil Construction

The team of civil engineers at VesselNet are well experienced and trained in constructing different tower types including rooftop towers and Subs. In Nigeria, we are renowned in the areas of tower foundation, rigging, equipment plinths construction, shelter assembling, retaining wall and fencing amongst others.

Site Operation & Maintenance

Our workflow systems and processes on site operations and maintenance are designed to ensure customer operations are active and always available with highly trained technicians readily available round the clock, should our clients experience any difficulty. Our site operations and maintenance include Diesel refilling, generator maintenance, BTS and microwave maintenance.

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