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VessThe brighter way to power your home


Why bother yourself about power generation and distribution when our mission is to service Nigerians and Africans at large with clean, sustainable and renewable solar energy regardless of their location? We are cutout to deliver high-end electricity to various off grid solar and hybrid power solutions to businesses and households across different sect of the society. When you think about our products, the words Affordable, Reliable, Durable, Cost Effective and Environmentally friendly all standout.


So, whether you are planning to cut down operational cost of running fossil fuel generators in your company, or you are a government parastatal embarking on a rural electrification project in remote villages or even a small household trying to meet your everyday power needs, Vesselnet is your go-to company with different custom-made packages that will soothe you.


With a combination of solar inverters, solar panel and batteries, we can effectively cater for all your electricity needs at home within 1KW and 15KW. Our integrated and modular systems can effortlessly power your household appliances including microwave ovens, washing machine, refrigerators, and even air conditioners. These pollution and maintenance free systems provide 230V/50Hz pure sine wave AC output to power homes round-the-clock.


The half-life of our integrated systems are highly optimized to outlive other solutions available in the market and with the help of a Battery Management System (BMS) planted inside the battery cabinet, our systems can last several years. Our systems use either lithium or GEL batteries for storage and further make operating it easy due to its intelligent control interface.


Cut down on your electricity bill and avoidable contribution to global warming by enjoying our long-term solar powered solution trusted by several clients across the world.

Modular Systems

Our modular design provides a standardized plug-and-play option of component parts which consumers can use to complete their system setup. This system is made up of standalone inverter, battery bank, sole controller and the PV array.


We have done Solar projects for small and large communities from 15KW capacity to as large as 180KW in remote communities, delivering 18-24hrs Power daily

Do you need only a handful of power to cater for you basic home needs? Feel free to choose from our bouquet of solutions ranging from a few hundred watts to a unit kilowatt.

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