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Components of Telecommunication Systems

Electronic signals is what telecommunication uses in communicating information. For communication enablement, telecommunication makes use of variety of compatible hardware and software. Telecommunication systems has been made important by digital technology since it is now part of our daily life. Key components of telecommunication systems include: signals, communication channel and communication network.


Now adays, telecommunication systems can transmit graphic images, videos, voice and texts. Components such as computers are required to process information, to send, to receive, and ensure safety of transmission of data.


There is a data that travels through a telecommunication system which uses analog and digital electromagnetic signals. The one of analog signal is a continuous waveform that is used for voice communication which passes through a communication medium. On the other hand, digital signals work by way of transmitting data coded as one bits and zero bits or on-off electric pulses. The method of communication by computers is by digital signals. For a communication through an analog line, computer needs a modem. The work of the modem is to translate analog into digital and digital into analog.

Communication Channels

Communication channels is what is required during transmission of information. Different medium s is used by communication channel to transmit information. The transmission media determines the level of speed of the communication. Examples of media used for transmission are: wireless, fiber optics, coaxial cable and twisted wire.

Communications Networks

Communication networks are in different classification due to their capacity and geographical location. A specific network performs its task according to its topology and network connections. Star, bus and ring networks are referred to as topologies. They are also some of the most recognized. A central computer is used by the star network which is connected to different terminals or small computers. A single circuit is used by the bus network to link computers while the ring network is the most independent type of network which doesn’t rely on a central host computer.

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