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Benefits of Cable Management

One essential element of IT is the cabling and supporting cable management system although it happens to be one of the areas that is largely overlooked. The cabling system has a lot of impact such as the network performance, the speed at which data can pass through network, consumption of power and day-to-day issues. This just mean that planning the right cabling system is very important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Cable management and electrical raceway goes beyond just knowing which cable to plug into a device. It also involves the speed, bandwidth, efficiency, performance and up time. In addition, it contributes to how long the life span of IT equipment can take and failure rate.

So, we shall discuss the benefits of cable management briefly below:

Benefits of Cable Management

- Improved maintenance: the rack component makes access easier and subsequently improves safety and reduces maintenance time.

- Minimal signal Interference: system performance is enhanced due to the elimination of crosstalk and interference between cables.

- Cooling efficiency: poor cable management can lead to cooling and airflow restriction. Good cable management improves the cooling efficiency due to proper positioning.

- Easy adaptability: a good cable management makes it easy for the systems to welcome a new change in the IT infrastructure without having much effect on service time.

- Cable longevity: cables life expectance can be longer since there is minimal chance of damages from improper bends.

Areas to Consider When Considering Cabling

1. Begin with proper planning. This is possible with the right understanding of cable and infrastructures that is required for today’s cabling. Determine the amount of cabling required, the type of IT equipment needed, type of rack, etc.

2. Have growth in mind. Make provision for possible infrastructural changes in the future and develop a flexible cabling system that can easily adapt new changes without much effect on service time.

Businesses needs to start attributing importance to the right cabling systems. Little did a lot of businesses know that the reason for their network not be reliable is simply because of poor cabling systems. Office activities such as printing, scanning and sending an email sometimes will take several hours meant for other activities due to unreliable networks. Usually, the blame goes to the network providers but it could also be your poor cabling system.

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