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7 Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

Those cables that consist of thousands of optical fibers which are put in a protective and insulated jacket are called fiber optic cables. Very thin strands of pure glass, transmitting information in the form of light are the optical fibers. The world of network communication has been revolutionized by the fiber optic cables since their debut about four decades ago. Judging from the trends today, the use of traditional methods of networking such as using metallic wires is fast fading and giving space to the use of fiber optic cables. Below are some of the most common use of fiber optic cables:


Since fiber optic cables are known to transmit large amount of data at a very high speed, it is therefore, very suitable for internet technology. This is far better than the traditional use of copper wires. The basic benefits of using the fiber optic cables are: they are less cumbersome, flexible and carries large data.

Computer Networking

The time spent to transfer files and information across networks is greatly reduced using fiber optic cables. Computers within a single building or nearby structures can network faster and easier with fiber optic cables.

Surgery and Dentistry

For microscopy and biomedical research, fiber optics are used. In the field of medicine, fiber optic cables are widely used and one of such uses is known as endoscopy. It is applied by a tiny bright light being used to light up the surgery area within the body for the purpose of reducing the number and size of incisions made.

Automotive Industry

Fiber optics are used in more vehicles everyday due to its lighting and space conservation. The are also used for safety features of vehicle both in the interior and the exterior. The ability of fiber optic cables to transmit signals between various parts of the vehicle at a lightning speed makes them invaluable especially for safety.


Through fiber optic communication, it has become so easy in calling telephones within and outside the country. And as a result, connection is faster and conversations are clear without any lag on any sides.

Lighting and Decorations

It is easy and economical to use fiber optic cables for decorative illumination and lighting projects. They are mostly used for Christmas decorations.

Cable Television

Fiber optic cables are ideal for transmitting signals for high definition televisions due to its greater bandwidth and speed. Another good reason for the usage of the fiber optic cables is: it’s cheaper when compared to the same quantity of copper wire to be used.

Military and Space Applications

Fiber optic cables is ideal for the high level of data security required in the military and aerospace applications due to its fast data transmission ability.

Outside these uses, fiber optic cables have several other uses that are not well known. Let’s just say fiber optic is a revolutionary technology that will continue to be in the trends.

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