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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth-generation wireless network that is succeeding the 4G. So far, it has generated a lot of controversies in recent time. Telecom giants have said that the 5G will reduce network congestion and speedup connectivity. There is also a speculation that it might help cars to drive themselves too.

Well…let’s wait and see.

The two American largest carriers, Verizon and AT&T ignited their 5G networks in some couples of cities. Meanwhile mobile phone makers ditched out only a few phones that are compatible with the 5G although majority of Americans didn’t notice any significant improvement.

“2020 is pivotal because you’ve got a good foundation built, and the ecosystem starts to form,” said Kevin Petersen, a marketing executive for AT&T.

One might ask what this really mean. It means a major change in technology pattern is happening, which, in the coming years, would have impact on your personal technology.

So, here’s what you need to know about 5G in 2020.

What is 5G?

Phone carriers have always migrated to a new wireless network about every 10 years. 10 years ago, 4G, the fourth-generation wireless network was launched with faster internet speed than the 3G. 3G, the third-generation wireless network was launched about 20 years ago with faster speed and reliability than the 2G. Basically, 5G is the fifth-generation wireless network. Hope you get the picture now?

Will 5G be faster than Wi-Fi?

It’s yes in some cases due to how Wi-Fi works by pulling data from a broadband connection and become prone to degraded performance when others are using it. 5G conveys high amounts of data more efficiently by design. So, by expectation, it should be able to alleviate network congestion and subsequently faster than Wi-Fi.

Do I need a new phone to get 5G?

Of course, you do. Compatible phones would be produced by phone makers to access this new network technology. Already available 5G-compatible phones are expensive for now that the technology is not yet common. A Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, for example, costs $1,300 (₦507,000).

What about 5GE?

I think the “E” in front of the “G” means ‘Extra’. AT&T made their customers much more confused by rebranding parts of its existing 4G network as “5GE”. Customers with older 4G-compatible phones started seeing “5GE” status icon on their screens.

5GE is not being considered as real 5G anyways.

What will I do with 5G?

Let’s just say there’s probably a lot to do with 5G. For video gamers, reduced lag may also improve gaming.

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