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In celebration of #WICD2018 - History Of Solar Energy

Solar power technology is not a new development, in fact, it was discovered far back as at the mid-1800s by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel when solar energy plants were developed to heat water that formed steam to drive machinery.

History Alexandre revealed the photo-voltaic effect which enlightens how power can be generated from sunlight. He claimed that “Shining light on a conductor (Electrode) submerged in a conductive solution which would create an electric current.” Nevertheless, even after much investigation, research and development subsequent to the discovery, photo-voltaic power continued to be unproductive and solar cells were used mainly for the purposes of assessing light. Years later (1941), Russell Ohl developed the solar cell, just after the invention of the transistor. How Solar Panel work Light (photons) striking certain compounds in a particular metals causes the surface of the material to discharge electrons. Light striking other compounds causes the materials to accept electrons. This simply means solar works by allowing light particles to knock electrons free from atoms and then generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels comprise of compounds that can be made to cause electrons which flow through a conductor and thereby create electricity. This Occurrence is called the photo-electric effect. Photo-voltaic cell (PV) simply means sunlight converted into a flow of electrons (Electricity). Importance Solar power is rapidly developing energy source in Australia and all around the world. The potential for using the sun to directly supply our power desires is vast. Solar panels can generate electricity without any waste or pollution, dependent on the earth natural resources once they are constructed. They have no moving parts, so modules are very reliable and have a long-life span. Solar panels are relatively easy to install and are very low maintenance. Useful Characteristic It can be installed on any scale as opposed to conventional forms of power generation that require large scale plant and maintenance. Solar panels can be installed to generate power where it is needed, which removes the need to transport and distribute electricity over long distance to remote areas. At #Vesselnet, we are known to be one of the top players in the field of Solar Energy and our mission is entwined in our passion and dedication to provide alternative energy solutions. Call: 09063063687 or send a mail to info@vesselnetintegrated,com NB: You can create new realms or new stage that will affect society and the world at large, just like the Man we discover Solar Energy. #WorldCreativityAndInnovationDay #WICD2018 #Vesselnet #VISLSolar #GoGreen #GoSolar #SolarEnergy #SolarPanel #Electricity

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