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How to Choose your Inverter Brand in Nigeria

The solar components market like the TVs and phone market, is characterized with people offering different components at varying prices but unlike other electronics, Solar industry in Nigeria is face with lack of information about brands on Inverters, Solar Panels, Solar Energy Companies and so forth.

do not want to hear about shade and grades of components, their individual specifications-what make Inverter brand A different from Inverter brand B, or why two solar panels of different watts have different module configurations.

People are often put off when they hear high prices of components.


Schneider Electric Inverter

Inverters have not evolved to the point in Nigeria where it becomes a necessity that people must queue for specific brands just like people patiently wait to get specific brands high end mobile devices like iPhones and Samsung brands. The reason you have different inverter prices can be due to one of these four listed important reasons.

Specifications: Solar panels, inverters, solar chargers and all come with detail specifications by good manufacturers and are designed for specific duty. It is more like TVs, all 42 inches TVs are not the same, some come with different specifications to suit different needs, some Televisions are even energy saving, low wattage; Some mobile phones come with high pixels, cameras, resolution and battery capacity.

Same way, you shouldn’t expect an inverter of N30,000 to function as a N100,000 of another brand.

It advisable that when choosing an Inverter to always get a first-hand information on the inverter specification, dig down to know the real output power, if it a pure sine wave or pulse modulated wave output. Know if it is hybrid or not, or if it has a battery monitoring device or not. Some inverters are transformer-less, some are lower powered while others are high powered.

So, the question will be, what do you want to use the inverter for?

Don’t get carried away with your technicians’ choice or your low budget decision. Having power come with a cost, and the reliability is dependent on cost as well.

Functions: We have analyzed specifications on inverter, same arguments go for Solar Panels, Controllers and batteries. There is a reason why one has detailed and trusted specification than others, don’t just fall for the cheap things. If you would not buy a phone of N2,500 advertised on the street of Oshodi, then you should be more careful about your inverter choice.

I have digressed a bit, functions are important in the choice of a good inverter. Do you want an inverter with inbuilt controller or not, what is the amp capacity of the controller you want? It is advisable that you go for an inverter that best fits to your design.

Some inverters have stabilizers, some come with selectable voltage range.

Inverters as well can degrade the lifespan of your batteries, so be careful in your choice. It is vital you carefully choose based on period, designs, cost, location, space and other conditions.

Brand: I assume you should know the difference between an iPhone 7 and Tecno Canon 8. Both are good phones but one comes with composition and brand superiority; and that is how Inverter brands are as the companies have invested money into research, marketing and branding to build what would last. A Schneider Inverter of 1kW product cannot be compared with a 1kW Sukam because both are not of the same brand and inbuilt spec. Hence the prices would always differ.

Warranty: As explained, Sukam, microtech and Schneider are manufacturers of inverters, but one holds a better name and has long lasting proof in terms of durability and longevity. It is just the same way we buy TVs and Laptops, some holds longer warranty period which shows to speak about reliability and trust than one with few months or years of warranty.

A product with a longer warranty period would be quite more expensive than one without. Longer warranty is good proof of a brand to trust as they have done all to ensure devices are protected. This shows real value for money.

Well, these are some of the important things to consider before choosing a solar component, especially your inverters as there are several substandard products in the Nigerian market. You can always let us help you make the right decision by helping you out with the best choice for your solar or inverter installation.

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