Our 15KW - VHSP - 15KW solar power system is suitable for Business and commercial use with allowable maximum load of 15KW



System: Solar Power System – VHSP - 15KW
Solar Panels 250W 60 250W Mono Solar Panel
Size: 1640*992*35mm
25 years Life Span
Tempered Glass: 3.2mm
Terminal block:IP65 with MC4 connector
Efficiency Performance: 10 years @ 90%, 25 years @80%
PV Combiner 15KW/240V 1 The PV array and controller is wired to protect the controller from thunderstorm and surge through multiple PV input strings
Hybrid Solar Inverter 15KW/240V 1 MPPT Controller: 240V/100A
Automatic Built-in AC charger with LCD display
Charging Efficiency: 95%
Output Voltage: 220VAC & 12VDC
Battery 12V/200AH 40 Capacity: 12V/200AH full sealed Solar Power Gel Battery
Cycle charge voltage 14.40 - 14.80V
2 strings of 20 batteries connected in series
Solar Panel Mounting Rack Set 1 Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop including complete fittings
Wind Load: 55M/S
Structure: Aluminium & Stainless steel, with adjustable Angles. We can customize based on customer's site requirements
Installation Kits Set 1