MONBAT, the leading lead-acid battery manufacturer in Europe, has developed for this new battery the latest DEEP CYCLE AGM technology. Telcom companies in Nigeria and Africa like MTN, Airtel and Etisalat rely on its' superior cycling endurance and trust its' extremely long float life performance(12+years)

Product design features:
• 12+ years design life, EUROBAT specification Long Life
• Extremely high cyclic life and float life performance
• Wide range of operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
• One-way valve regulated system with flame-arrestor
• Internal gas recombination efficiency 98% - 99%
• Easy for installation, maintenance free product
• Delivered ready for use
• Shock resistant ABS flame retardant container and lid
• Three-layer terminal sealing for leak-free operation
• Female M8 brass terminals with no need for retightening
• Non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea and air transport
• Fully recyclable product


Telecom and Solar Grade Standard ETSI 23" Rack Slim Size VRLA SMF 200Ah Inverter and UPS Battery for Solar, Hybrid and Marine Applications manufactured by MONBAT in EUROPE 

The preferred choice of telecom companies worldwide


FREE Connectors, Bolts, Central Degassing System and Spacers are supplied as standard with each battery 
Standard terminal connectors.

18 months warranty given according to manufacturers specifications.

12V 200AH Monbat (12MVR200) AGM Long life Battery

₦200,000.00 Regular Price
₦190,000.00Sale Price