1: Pure sine wave output
2: Built-in MPPT solar controller for 10-30KVA, External MPPT Controller for 40-200KVA
3: Adopt 4-layer PCB, and SMD technology.
4: Can choose the AC charger by button: On-off.
5: With two charging mode: AC charging mode and solar charging mode, solar charging priority.
6: Can choose two work mode: Solar-Grid-Battery, Solar battery -Grid, can choose it by LCD screen.
7: High efficiency IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter technology: The sixth generation low- exhaust and big- power IGBT with excellent high speed switch feature, high voltage feature and large current feature. Drives by electric voltage, only need small control power. The sixth generation with lower saturation voltage, the inverter has high efficiency, low temperature, high reliability.
8: Intelligent detecting function: This system microprocessor can continually online detect power status, the breaker status and all the working status of the circuit.
9: Excellent load feature: It is completely capable to load from 0-100% while no need to change to bypass, which make sure the output reliable.
10: Intelligent communication-URL Based Remote Monitoring and Operation: With RS232 and RS485 standard collocation, optional SNMP and dry contact.
11: Perfect protection: Input/output over/low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery over charge/discharge protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and so on, as well as alarm function.
12: Selectable battery inspection module: Can test the single parameter and display on the LCD, battery failure will immediately alarm and inform the administrator.
13: High-powered dynamic feature :Adopt kinds of feedback control such as instantaneous control mode and virtual value, not only reach the high dynamic adjustment, but also reduce the output voltage distortion.

10kVA-200kVA Hybrid Solar Inverter with Inbuilt MTTP Controller