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At Vesselnet, our experienced and polished skill have settled on us a supplier of installation and after-sales specialized help for high capacity fiber optics transmission hardware (DWDM, SDH). Since our arrangement, we have conveyed turnkey activities, for example, the organization of DWDM, GPON and IP information hardware for significant bearers. 

In the present digital age, there is extraordinary interest in fast organized network connectivity into immense aspects of our lives and organizations. For this reason, there is a requirement for the fiber-optic transmission to quicken the regularly expanding transfer speed prerequisite driven by current refined programming and machines which are important for our everyday usage. 

Discussing fiber optic arrangement, we know our onions, we carry the best fiber optic solutions for your home and business, we build up each procedure required for better organize execution and client experience meeting the present complex system necessities. 

As a specialist, we likewise work in remote destinations and simultaneously create opportunities for people, homes, and venture in Nigeria. We have an immense number of optic fiber to different areas and customers in Nigeria utilizing the worldwide establishment standard, that makes us stand apart from the rest. 

We are a pro contractual worker with more than 20 years of involvement in planning and introducing fiber optic innovations. Working with telecoms suppliers, specialists and end-clients we give practical solutions for quick and solid fiber optic systems. 

Our Markets 

We carry fiber optic systems to the following markets... 

Telecom and Internet Service Providers 

We give proficient subcontracting administrations to the business. Working in association with telecom providers and Internet Service suppliers, we are remaking and overhaul systems to make fiber-optic broadband open to everybody. Our forefront methods mean systems can be conveyed more cost-viably and non-rudely than any other time in recent years. 

Fiber to Home 

We mean to carry fiber optic innovation to family units in Nigeria, supplanting old copper systems and making superfast broadband access to all homes. Working with engineers and building temporary workers we give consultation, structure and organization benefits that are savvy and future proof.


Fiber to Business 

Organizations are quickly perceiving the requirement for vigorous, quick and dependable systems. We work with proprietors, business focuses and entrepreneurs to supplant customary copper systems with fast fiber optic systems. Through discussion, we give savvy and future confirmation plan and sending solutions to meet the one of a kind needs of every business. Connect with us for a free counsel. We will propose a fitting and financially savvy arrangement, whatever your necessities. 

Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) 

Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) is a network innovation that depends on fiber optic link being set up right from the nearby phone exchange to the business or home area. 

Overhead Fiber Routes 

The establishment of an overhead fiber course is frequently a more financially savvy answer for conveying fiber-optic broadband to homes in country zones. 

Get in touch with Us 

We work with suppliers, specialists and end clients to give start to finish arrange arrangements from structure to deployment. Contact to talk about your project today.

442, Oyibo Adjarho Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos. | +2349063063687     |, Oyibo Adjarho Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos. | +2349063063687     |

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